The Heineken Jacuzzi Bubbles Over With Beer Drinking Fun...and Possibly Vomit

I'm not sure who built this jacuzzi nor do I have all the details on its construction, but I have to give credit to the people behind it. Those Heineken crates look like they make a decent framework and they ensure that a warm, possibly hot beer is never out of arms reach. Actually, it could use a little work on that… » 6/12/08 2:40pm 6/12/08 2:40pm

Deluxe Lay-Z Spa is Hot-Tubness and Cheapness Rolled into One

Hot tubs: discuss. I'm sort of a fan of them, but can't quite get over the hygiene bit—or, in some cases, the molded plastic naffness. The Lay-Z Spa is a blow-up hot tub with enough room for six people to contract Weil's disease at the same time. The 317-gallon capacity tub has massage jets, a rapid heating system and… » 2/14/08 9:31am 2/14/08 9:31am

New Jacuzzi J400 Hot Tub is All About the iPod

I dream of a day that I can dock my iPod with anything, (although I think that the release of the iCarta toilet paper holder a couple of years ago pretty much made that dream a reality) and now Jacuzzi is doing their part with the J400 series line of iPod-compatible hot tubs. Thanks to the integrated AquaSound Audio… » 10/17/07 6:20pm 10/17/07 6:20pm