This Tweak Puts CarPlay On Your iPhone Without An External Screen

The CarPlay interface is undoubtedly better for using while driving than the regular 'ole screen. But unless you've got a shiny new car (or one of the expensive aftermarket dashes), chances are you don't have anything to pair your iPhone with. But this tweak gives you an idea of what CarPlay would look like running on… » 12/06/14 8:58pm 12/06/14 8:58pm

iOS 8.2 Has Been Jailbroken Before It's Even Released

The 8.2 version of iOS is still in beta and unavailable to non-developers, but that hasn't stopped Chinese-based outfit TaiG from breaking it free from Apple's shackles (and also jailbreaking 8.1.1, the current release, in the process). » 11/29/14 12:12pm 11/29/14 12:12pm

How to Jailbreak Your iPhone: The Always Up-to-Date Guide [iOS 8.1]

Jailbreaking is a process that changes little by little with each iOS upgrade. Rather than always publishing new guides, we're simply going to keep this one up to date. If you want to jailbreak your iOS device, you've come to the right page. » 10/31/14 1:27pm 10/31/14 1:27pm

There's Already an iOS 8.1 Jailbreak For the iPhone 6

Some people sure do work quick. Team Pangu has just made available a jailbreak for iOS 8.1—and it works on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2, along with older devices. » 10/22/14 8:08am 10/22/14 8:08am

iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Gets an Easy Video Tutorial

If you were excited by yesterday's news of a jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 but left a little nervous at the prospect of going through the ordeal alone, help is at hand: this video guides you through the whole process, start to finish. » 6/24/14 8:33am 6/24/14 8:33am

There's Finally a Jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1

iOS 8 is just around the corner (and as all updates, potentially unjailbreakable), but for folks who have found themselves stuck on the more recent 7.1.1 and unable to jailbreak, there's finally an option. Thrown together by as-yet untested Chinese developers Pangu, the untethered jailbreak is Windows only, but works… » 6/23/14 3:16pm 6/23/14 3:16pm

Is There Any Reason to Jailbreak After iOS 8?

For millions of people, the entire point of having an iPhone is the ability to jailbreak; without the tweaks and modifications that come with liberation from Apple's walled garden, the iPhone just wouldn't be nearly as much fun. But after iOS 8, will there be any point? Or has Apple made jailbreaking obsolete? » 6/10/14 11:20am 6/10/14 11:20am

There's Finally an iOS 7 Jailbreak

If you asked Santa for the chance to get favorite jailbreak features back on your iDevice this year, your Christmas miracle has arrived. The Evasi0n team just posted an iOS 7 Jailbreak. » 12/22/13 8:51am 12/22/13 8:51am

iOS 6.1.4 Is Finally Jailbroken

The Evasion jailbreak for iPhones running iOS 6.x was patched up real well by Apple in iOS 6.1.3—but now, a dev has managed to finally crack version 6.1.4 on the iPhone 5. » 9/09/13 5:44am 9/09/13 5:44am

If You Want This iOS Screen-Recording App You'd Better Hustle

xRec, which appeared in the iTunes store on Saturday, promises to record everything on your iPhone's screen — including apps that prohibit screengrabs. If you're into that sneaky kind of thing, you better grab it fast, because we don't expect it to stay in iTunes very long. » 7/22/13 2:40pm 7/22/13 2:40pm

How to Get iOS 7's Best Features in iOS 6 (and Keep Your Jailbreak)

iOS 7 is coming to your iPhone and iPad next Wednesday, but a lot of its best features are available through third-party apps and jailbreak hacks right now. If you want to get in on the action without losing your jailbreak, here a few ways to add some of the new functionality. » 6/11/13 8:18am 6/11/13 8:18am

Google Glass Has Already Been Hacked and Rooted

Though Google Glass runs Android, it's not exactly as wide open as your typical Android phone. And given its spot as the most futuristic tech available right now, you know hackers want to tinker with Google's specs. Legendary hacker Jay Freeman, famously known as Saurik who created the Cydia app store for iOS… » 4/26/13 10:25pm 4/26/13 10:25pm

A Crisp, Functional Lockscreen Is Reason Enough to Jailbreak Your iPhone

Whenever you bring up jailbreaking with the uninitiated, you're faced with that one, recurring question: "Why? Why should I jailbreak?" This beautiful, functional, better-than-stock lockscreen is as good an answer as any. » 3/11/13 11:04am 3/11/13 11:04am

Best Buy's Deal of the Day Ad Uses (GASP!) a Jailbroken iPad (Updated)

Can you spot anything amiss in today's Best Buy Deal of the Day page? Anything out of the ordinary? Look a little closer. Still don't see it? Here's a better look: » 3/05/13 8:59am 3/05/13 8:59am

iOS 6.1.3 Is Coming To Kill Your Jailbreak

Have one of those 7 million jailbroken iDevices? Like it that way? Then wait, stop, don't touch anything. iOS 6.1.3 is poised to ruin your day, and there might not be any going back. » 2/25/13 3:39pm 2/25/13 3:39pm

These Toy iPhones Come Jailbroken Right Out of The Box

If you want to jailbreak your real iPhone, you're going to have to put a little work into it. But if you pick up one of these toys, it'll come that way straight from the factory floor. » 2/17/13 7:00pm 2/17/13 7:00pm

A Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.1 Is Already Here

iOS 6.1.1 was released yesterday, and there's already a jailbreak available for it. The Evasi0n jailbreak tool which hit the internet last week has been updated to v1.3, and it will now liberate everything. » 2/12/13 3:00pm 2/12/13 3:00pm

Evasi0n Jailbreak Has Unshackled Close to 7 Million iOS Devices

Earlier this week, the jailbreak tool to rule them all, evasi0n, was released and since then there have been close to seven million new jailbroken iOS devices. At least that's what the creator of Cydia told Forbes. » 2/08/13 10:44am 2/08/13 10:44am