Palm-Sized Cellphone Jammer Gives Public Gabbers the Smackdown

This is not the first cellphone jammer on the market and won't be the last, but this $166 model is small enough to discreetly carry anywhere. It's powerful enough for personal use, slam-dunking GSM calls within about a 30-foot radius. That might be just the range of earshot in a movie theater, unless there's yelling… »9/27/07 11:00am9/27/07 11:00am


Personal Cellphone Signal Blocker Delivers Electronic TFSU

Fed up with clueless cellphone gabbing in public? Put an immediate stop to it with this Personal Cellphone Signal Blocker. Running on a portable battery that lasts three to four hours, this 6-ounce pocketable jammer (4"x1.85"x.71") disrupts signals from GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS and 3G networks, and its manufacturer says it… »8/24/07 1:10pm8/24/07 1:10pm