Pocketable JAMBOX, LTE Chromebook, Smart Stylus, Anker USB

The Jawbone JAMBOX line is your favorite series of bluetooth speakers, and today you can save big on the latest iteration, the MINI JAMBOX, which starts at just $106. By starts at, we mean the price varies by color, but fortunately the "graphite" is the most universally appealing and the cheapest. [Amazon] »4/15/14 1:45pm4/15/14 1:45pm

This Jawbone Jambox Is Your Brick-Sized-Beach-Speaker Deal of the Day

In the two years since the Jawbox Jambone came out, other options have hit the market with varying new features and improved specs. But although some of the new challengers are legit, the Jambox remains the original Bluetooth speaker to find the right mix of attractive design, ease of use, and quality. Brian Lam over… »12/04/12 3:00pm12/04/12 3:00pm

You Can Finally Customize Your Jambox To Be As Ugly As You Want It

Starting today, Klout users and "Jawbone Insiders" can customize the color of their Jambox speaker on Jawbone's new Jambox Remix site. Klout and the uglification of a perfectly good speaker sounds like a match made in heaven; the rest of the world will have to wait until August 28th for the privelege of mucking up… »8/21/12 10:29am8/21/12 10:29am