The Interview Meta-Review: Not Really Worth The Drama

After weeks of prevaricating, terrorist threats, conspiracy theories and presidential interventions, Sony finally released The Interview on YouTube yesterday. Although we opted not to review because whether the movie was good or bad (it's bad) is almost entirely besides the point, it seems like everyone else on the… »12/25/14 9:03am12/25/14 9:03am


Watch Freaks and Geeks, an Awesome Show From a More Peaceful Time

Remember Freaks and Geeks, the short-lived teen comedy produced by Judd Apatow before you knew who Judd Apatow was? The show starred Seth Rogen and James Franco some 15 years before the pair would help spark the international cyber-clusterfuck we know as the Sony Hacks. Forget about the hackers and just watch the show. »12/20/14 7:00pm12/20/14 7:00pm

James Franco's Saturday Night Shows Why SNL Is a Weekly TV Miracle

Last night, Saturday Night Live kicked off its 40th season (did you watch it!). It's a major milestone to be sure, but how exactly is it made? Countless books have been written on the subject but established actor and fledgling documentarian James Franco tries to capture the tortuous late nights and constant… »9/28/14 10:00pm9/28/14 10:00pm

Beautification Engine Turns Cultural Bias Into Pretty Pictures

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder—68 different beholders in the case of Tommer Leyvand's new "beautification engine." The software, featured in a story in the New York Times »10/09/08 7:30pm10/09/08 7:30pm, takes preferences from a poll of 68 men and women from Israel and Germany who looked at pictures and chose the most beautiful subjects.…