A Story of Survival in the Oregon Wilderness

Over Thanksgiving 2006, James Kim, a CNET editor, disappeared along with his wife, Kati, and their two young daughters in the snowy Oregon wilderness. Kati and her two children survived; James did not. She recently recounted her experience for the first time to 20/20, detailing the family's encounter with bears and… » 2/17/11 3:20pm 2/17/11 3:20pm

All Giz Wants: Donations for the Kim Family

There's a lot of stuff we want for the holidays. Most of it can't be bought on a shelf. Yes, things like Tivo Series 3 for $99. But the guys and I want to make it clear that what we really want is for each of our readers to make a donation to James Kim's family. » 12/11/06 5:35pm 12/11/06 5:35pm

Wilderness Survival Kit: Gadgets and Ideas That Could Save Your Life

As we mourn the death of C|Net journalist James Kim, we want to do whatever we can to prevent such tragedies. There are lots of ways to improve your odds when you get lost in the wilderness, stranded in your car, or are somehow thrust out of this comfy cocoon in which most of us are living. So we put together a list… » 12/07/06 11:12am 12/07/06 11:12am

Update: CNet's James Kim Found Deceased

It's a sad day: James Kim was just found in the woods, deceased. We'd hoped things would have turned out for the better, but all we can do now is be thankful his daughters and wife are safe. More info at CNet. » 12/06/06 4:16pm 12/06/06 4:16pm

James Kim Update: Satellites, National Guard Enter Search

The search for James Kim is being expanded: Not only is the National Guard on their way, but a satellite is being rerouting to help spot the man. The eye-in-the-sky is GeoEye's Ikonos. » 12/06/06 12:49pm 12/06/06 12:49pm

Satellites are the new Lassie.

Tech Editor James Kim's Wife, Daughters Found Alive

Good news in the case of James Kim and his missing family, as his wife and daughters were found earlier today and were airlifted to a local hospital. Their conditions have not been released. » 12/04/06 6:34pm 12/04/06 6:34pm

Tech Editor Goes Missing: CNet's James Kim Lost In the Great Northwest

This Fall's deluge of gadget gossip must have left CNet's James Kim exhausted. So he finished his Zune review, and this past weekend went for a vacation drive up to the great Pacific Northwest with wife and kids. They've been missing since. » 12/01/06 2:22pm 12/01/06 2:22pm