Oasis and Jamiroquai Mulling Radiohead's Pay-What-You-Want Example

Oasis and Jamiroquai are heavily considering jumping aboard the direct-to-audience express, planning to distribute their albums in a pay-what-you-will manner from their website, a la Radiohead. With the bands continuing to line up, do you guys think this is really the beginning of the end for the old way of doing… »10/10/07 4:00pm10/10/07 4:00pm


EMI, Apple and YouTube Officially In Love Triangle; Warner Music Attempts Solo Project

Apple adds YouTube to Apple TV. EMI tracks are now sold DRM-free on iTunes. The triangle completes itself today, as EMI announced that it would share a bunch of EMI music videos on YouTube, and even "let" users integrate some of EMI's copyrighted material into their own homemade productions. Let's see what happens… »5/31/07 12:15pm5/31/07 12:15pm