This RC Tank Jams Enemy Wireless Signals in a 50 Foot Radius

While not as popular as cars, monster trucks, or even planes, remote control tanks have become surprisingly complex and capable over the years, even to the point of actually firing plastic pellets. The No Network tank, however, doesn't fire at targets you can see. Instead, it's equipped with a wireless jammer that… »8/08/13 2:10pm8/08/13 2:10pm

GPS Chaos: How a $30 Box Can Jam Your Life

It was just after midday in San Diego, California, when the disruption started. In the tower at the airport, air-traffic controllers peered at their monitors only to find that their system for tracking incoming planes was malfunctioning. At the Naval Medical Center, emergency pagers used for summoning doctors stopped… »3/07/11 1:00pm3/07/11 1:00pm

Laser Star Allegedly Turns Your Clunker Into Invisible Asphalt Phantom

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The Laser Star is new to the States, but it's already made a name for itself in Europe as a cheap, effective way to jam police speed trap lasers. These demonstrations from Laser Jammer Tests show why. No fewer than four police-issue laser detectors were foiled by the Laser Star without so much as a… »7/27/08 5:00pm7/27/08 5:00pm

Palm-Sized Cellphone Jammer Gives Public Gabbers the Smackdown

This is not the first cellphone jammer on the market and won't be the last, but this $166 model is small enough to discreetly carry anywhere. It's powerful enough for personal use, slam-dunking GSM calls within about a 30-foot radius. That might be just the range of earshot in a movie theater, unless there's yelling… »9/27/07 11:00am9/27/07 11:00am

GPS, GSM Cellphone Jammers Hit Mainstream, Calamity Ensues

Don't get too reliant on that GPS receiver, Magellan, since companies are now starting to release devices that locally block GPS signals. Detectnu's device not only block GPS signals within a 50-meter (164-foot) radius, but also GSM cellphone signals in a 20-meter (65-foot) radius. Another such device—the RJ-G1575 GPS… »11/17/06 12:35pm11/17/06 12:35pm