Japanese Couple Sold Glowing Lanyards That Were 26 Times Allowable Radiation Level, Gets Arrested

If you were going to sell radioactive cellphones loaded with tritium-from Hiroshima, Japan, no less-you should probably check to make sure that they're not twenty-six times the amount legally allowed. You know, just so you're not arrested by the cops for not having special permission from the Ministry of Science and… »7/22/08 1:00pm7/22/08 1:00pm


Air Conditioned Seat Cushion Features The Latest In Eco-Friendly Ass-Cooling Technology

Kuchofuku, the same company that brought us air conditioned shirts, has re-applied their groundbreaking technology in an effort to deliver us from one of the biggest problems facing mankind today. Of course, I am speaking about ass sweat. In fact, their air conditioned seat cushion line can pump up to 170 liters of… »5/28/08 4:30pm5/28/08 4:30pm

Japanese Somela Fast Dehydrator Sucks Water From Clothes With Your Help

Many people in Japan and other parts of Asia forego dryers in favor of just hanging out their clothes on a line. Whether it's for space conservation (quite likely) or out of habit, people there don't seem to be big on dryers. This Somela Fast Dehydrator, on the other hand, seems to be a quick and fairly easy way of… »5/01/08 3:30pm5/01/08 3:30pm

Steam Powered Electronic Newspaper Makes Us Ask If This is Really Necessary

Does the world really need another steam powered anything? And if it does, would an electronic newspaper be the most appropriate thing to be steam powered? We don't have any answers for these questions. All we know is that this Japanese setup can turn a page in all of 15 seconds, making it a whole two seconds faster… »4/30/08 1:00pm4/30/08 1:00pm

Japanese Nose Mask Pit Saves You From Allergies, Talking Normally

Are your allergies so severe that a Claritin has no effect? The Japanese have a solution, and it involves shoving round pieces of plastic up your nose to block out allergens. It may seem unorthodox, but as the lady at the clinic keeps telling me, prevention is much more effective than cures. We'll stick to pills,… »4/29/08 5:20pm4/29/08 5:20pm

Japanese Men Perfect the Cloak of Invisibility Much to Japanese Women's Dismay

Japan's been tooling around with versions of invisibility cloaks for years now, but they seem to have finally perfected it. Theoretically. By using "left-handed metamaterials" to make electromagnetic control devices, researchers can generate lenses that either reflect no light or have a perfect focal point—the end… »4/18/08 5:00pm4/18/08 5:00pm

Galbi Pod Rare Is the Beefiest iPod Nano Case, Perfect For Shabu Shabu

If you're aiming for more "delicious" than "protective" for your iPod cases, there's nothing that does it better than this Galbi (like Korean BBQ) Pod Rare case from Japan. It's as if the creators tapped into our collective consciousness of combining delicious meat with delicious tunes. Just staring at these finely… »4/18/08 1:20pm4/18/08 1:20pm

Japan's Cyber Gadget Game Suppli Vitamin Supplements Are Taken Orally, Not Injected Buttockally

These Japanese Game Suppli vitamins come in two varieties, "Blue Berry", which refreshes you after a gaming session, and DHA, which boosts your attention during a session. It's not quite as crazy as eyedrops, which incapacitated Matt for a good ten minutes. There's only one other nation, Korea, that could combine the… »4/07/08 5:45pm4/07/08 5:45pm

World's Tallest Elevator Tower Opens in Japan to Much Polite Applause, Bowing

The world's tallest elevator testing tower has just opened in Inazawa City, Japan, and is named Solae. Why would you build a tower just to test elevators? Because the world's tallest buildings (including Taipei 101, which I rode in last year) have a need to install elevators that take you from floor 1 to floor "high"… »1/03/08 3:40pm1/03/08 3:40pm

Symantec Advertises Norton 360 Antivirus in Japan With Ultraman-esque Character

We're not passing any judgment on Symantec's Japanese advertising campaign where they take an Ultraman-like character and have it beat up several black "virus" characters on the street to hype their Norton 360 product. Why? Because it's actually pretty awesome. Way more awesome than the crappy anti-virus ads we get… »10/04/07 2:33pm10/04/07 2:33pm

Taito Touchscreen Arcade Card Battle Game Looks Like MS Surface

Japanese arcade fans should get ready to pull out their lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt, because this Taito touchscreen arcade game looks pretty awesome. The Engrish Google translation leaves us wondering at how exactly the game works, but from what we can gather, you put real cards onto the virtual… »9/17/07 2:50pm9/17/07 2:50pm