Japan's Rare Earth Metals Find May Break China's Stranglehold on Our…

Looks like that skirmish between Japan and China last year over the neodymium and lanthanum required in the production of electronics has been resolved, now that Japan has stumbled over their own supplies in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii. » 7/06/11 10:45am 7/06/11 10:45am

Japanese Disaster Results in Biggest Financial Loss for Sony

A lot of people were affected by March's earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but Sony's the first technology company to claim that it resulted in poor financial numbers for them. They made a $3.2 billion loss over the last financial year—the company's biggest in 16 years—which they're blaming on the nine damaged factories … » 5/23/11 9:20am 5/23/11 9:20am