Scuba Divers Uncover Homes Sunken in the Japanese Tsunami

A Japanese non-profit group dived to the seabed to film the wreckage left behind by March's tsunami. A glass sliding door still intact; a Converse shoe;'s distressing stuff that will tug at your heartstrings. [Stoke via Scuttlefish] » 6/10/11 7:20am 6/10/11 7:20am

This Unwanted Monstrosity of a Floodgate Saved a Japanese Village From…

At the time, the 3,000 Fudai villagers despised the $30 million (in today's money) floodgate when the now-deceased mayor built it in the '70s, but after March's devastating tsunami, they're thankful to still have their lives and homes intact. » 5/13/11 8:20am 5/13/11 8:20am

The Ancient Japanese Tsunami Stones Kept Villagers Alive

A tiny village in Japan would've been wiped out by the tsunami had they erected their houses closer to the sea-views. However, they chose to abide by ancient tsunami-warning stones that carried the messages of their forefathers, and survived. Like an ancient message board. » 4/28/11 10:20am 4/28/11 10:20am