I Survived a Japanese Game Show: Dizzy Weddings and Chastity Belts

This week's bewildering I Survived... challenge dressed contestants as bride and groom before sending them across narrow bridges to meet and consummate their union like it's 1499. The catch(es)? They're surround by a sea of powder and the floor is spinning, both literally and figuratively. Before the challenge starts… »7/30/08 7:40pm7/30/08 7:40pm


I Survived a Japanese Game Show: Shooting Balls, Breaking Faces

This week's over-the-top I Survived... challenges didn't have as much gadgety goodness as usual, but were strangely satisfying nonetheless. First, Velcro-clad contestants were dangled in front of of a teammate, who would try to pass them Velcro balls to catch. The objective was for the dangler, manipulated by two… »7/23/08 9:52pm7/23/08 9:52pm

I Survived a Japanese Game Show: The Three-Person Exercise Bike

In this week's episode of I Survived... contestants found themselves on an elaborate interconnected exercise bike/conveyor belt contraption. The object of the game is for the tricyclist, peddling on and against a moving belt, to remain in the prize zone for as long as possible. His or her teammates peddle on… »7/09/08 8:20pm7/09/08 8:20pm

How I Survived a Japanese Game Show: The Gigantic Human Prize Claw Game

The new episode still follows most of the tired reality show conventions and spends too much time on the stunningly boring contestants, but the brief game show events still impress. This week's challenge: become a human claw game, picking up prizes as teammates control your x, y and z axis movement. This challenge… »7/04/08 11:30am7/04/08 11:30am

How I Survived a Japanese Game Show: So Far, Lame But With a Touch of Gadget

The new ABC show this week, How I survived a Japanese Game show, combines the Japanese entertainment staple with an American reality TV series, featuring your usual cast of Jerry Springer rejects. Besides the weirdness and bright vibe typically found in such gameshows, there is the tech. The premier episode featured a… »6/26/08 9:00pm6/26/08 9:00pm