Today @ Giz Gallery '09: Jason Bentley Live DJ Set and Smartphone…

Believe it or not, Giz Gallery '09 is still going strong (til Sunday, at least). Today we have all the latest, greatest smartphones for you to use, and then, at 9pm, a live DJ set from KCRW's Jason Bentley. » 9/26/09 1:23pm 9/26/09 1:23pm

At Gizmodo Gallery '09: KCRW and Jason Bentley

LA radio station KCRW is great because they're hellbent on keeping independent radio alive. So we were ecstatic when they said they'd have Morning Becomes Eclectic host Jason Bentley come by Giz Gallery '09 spin a live DJ set. » 9/17/09 7:00pm 9/17/09 7:00pm