Oracle's Latest Java Fix Is Still Broken, Better Learn to Live Without

Remember that big zero-day Java vulnerability the Department of Homeland Security was all worried about? Well, Oracle fixed it. Oh wait, no. That latest Java fix still has a big ol' hole. It's time to abandon ship, folks. » 1/18/13 1:00pm 1/18/13 1:00pm

Even The Department Of Homeland Security Wants You To Disable Your Java

We've been concerned about the security of Java for a while now. There was that vulnerability that affected like a billion computers, and Apple went so far as to remove Java plugins from all OSX browsers. Now even the Department of Homeland Security is in on the act with a special message: "Yo, shut off that Java jazz". » 1/12/13 10:00am 1/12/13 10:00am

Google and Oracle Enter Round Two of Heavyweight Legal Fight

After the jury returned a partial verdict in the copyright phase of the Google-Oracle trial - unable to decide whether Google's recreation of the Java platform constituted "fair use" of Oracle's copyright - the trial has now entered the patent phase, where the same jury will seek to decide whether Google infringed on… » 5/09/12 3:30am 5/09/12 3:30am

The Galaxy Nexus Outperforms the iPhone 4S

Like we weren't excited about the Galaxy Nexus enough already. The crew at AnandTech has been busily benchmarking Android's new flagship against Apple's top performer. The results? The Galaxy Nexus is the new king of the hill in some key areas. » 11/20/11 3:13pm 11/20/11 3:13pm

Even More Evidence That Google Stole Code For Android From Oracle…

Google endorses open-source activity around Android, but looks like their developers "borrowed" a little too much from Sun's Java code. Oracle, Sun's owner, is already suing Google for seven infringed patents, but this adds further weight to their claim. Updated. » 1/21/11 11:44am 1/21/11 11:44am

Google Calls Oracle Lawsuit A Baseless Attack On The Open-Source Java…

Oracle, the company who acquired Sun Microsystems, the Java programming language and related technology in a nice package deal, accused Google of patent and copyright infringement in relation to those technologies. Based on its response, Google isn't happy: » 8/13/10 2:53pm 8/13/10 2:53pm

Mac OS X Vulnerable to Critical Java Flaw, Windows Users' Snide Remarks

Mac users are still exposed to a Java vulnerability that's been public for 6 months after Apple neglected to patch it in the recent honking 10.5.7 update. Okay Windows guys, point and laugh. But if you want to be super safe, you should turn off Java in your browser, no matter what platform you're on. [cr0 blog via » 5/20/09 3:52pm 5/20/09 3:52pm