Fall Science Preview: So Much Science is Headed Right for Us!

‘Tis the season for dwarf planets with an impending flood of Pluto flyby data and Dawn just about to point its spectrometer at the weird white spots on Ceres. Add in ocean floor explorations, a pair of weights in perpetual free-fall, and a rash of rocket launches and we just know this year is going out in a bang of… »8/26/15 4:45pm8/26/15 4:45pm

This Japanese rocket launch looks like an early atomic bomb test

This stunning image shows the launch of the Japanese H-IIA rocket as it carries the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory into space. The rocket thundered into the sky at 1:37 p.m. EST on Thursday February 27th and this image was, unsurprisingly, captured by NASA photographer Bill Ingalls. »2/28/14 7:23am2/28/14 7:23am

Japanese Space Agency Caught Piece Of Space Junk *This Big*

The problem of space junk is being dealt with in a novel way by Japanese space agency JAXA, which plans to rope up loads of the broken old stuff from the 1960s in an old-fashioned, analogue, traditional net several kilometres wide. The triple-layered metal thread net will then be burned up in the atmosphere once full,… »2/08/11 4:00am2/08/11 4:00am

Origami Space Shuttles Unveiled, Kids Around the World Hold Their Breath

This has to be the dream of every kid and adult on Earth: Make a paper plane and throw it from orbit. Well, there's one lucky Japanese astronaut who is going to get nine of them, a paper space shuttle fleet which will go up to the International Space Station. Then, they will be dropped from orbit into a 250-mile,… »10/09/08 8:00am10/09/08 8:00am