Taylor Swift Put All Her Music On Jay-Z's Pet Streaming Service

Taylor Swift, part-time pop star and full-time crusader for the rights of impoverished pop artists, made headlines last year when she yanked her music off Spotify. Well, streaming Swift is back — on a service you've probably never heard of. » 3/24/15 11:00pm Tuesday 11:00pm

Jay-Z Is Taking on Spotify By Buying Aspiro For $56m

Jay-Z is buying the Scandinavian music streaming company Aspiro—which currently runs two music services—for $56 million, in a bid to take on Spotify. » 1/30/15 7:15am 1/30/15 7:15am

Thanks to Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Will Sell Just One Copy of Its Secret Album

You've heard of rare records before, but what Wu-Tang Clan is planning for its stealthy double album, The Wu–Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, is unprecedented. The legendary rap group will sell only one copy, encased in an engraved silver and nickel box. It will be very, very expensive. » 3/26/14 2:50pm 3/26/14 2:50pm

Cannibal Buildings! Why MoMA Is Eating Its Next Door Neighbor

This week, MoMA confirmed its plans to raze a neighboring museum, creating a continuous connection to the luxury supertall going up next door. » 1/10/14 2:20pm 1/10/14 2:20pm

Samsung's Giving Away a Million Copies of Jay-Z's New Album

Jay-Z's modestly entitled Magna Carta Holy Grail drops on the similarly nondescript Fourth of July. But despite his clear lowering of expectations for the album, he's somehow found it within his heart to muster up some publicity by letting Samsung give away a million copies for free three days early. Galaxy owners… » 6/17/13 8:36am 6/17/13 8:36am

Watch Jay-Z Live at Barclays Center on YouTube

It's the future, and while that doesn't mean jetpacks or time travel, it does mean live, streaming concerts to your Internet-box. Tonight at 9:30 pm EST*, rapper-extrodinare Jay-Z will be streaming his concert at Barclays Center out over YouTube for the enjoyment of fans everywhere who can't be bothered to leave… » 10/06/12 9:00pm 10/06/12 9:00pm

Watch the Inbox: How One Guy Made Email Contact with Jay-Z

David Johnson has Jay-Z's email address. Probably. He has carried on a one-sided conversation for years, sending emails to an address he believes to be Jay-Z's. With a service called ReadNotify, Johnson has confirmed that the emails have not only been read, but opened in locations that directly correlate with Jay's… » 7/19/12 7:40pm 7/19/12 7:40pm

Aziz Ansari Hilariously Remixes a Jay-Z and Kanye West Song with Emojis

Jay-Z and Kanye West's N*ggas in Paris is an epically hard, head bumping anthem that's ruled rap for the better part of the year. Aziz Ansari and Matthew Shawver just one upped it by translating it into a hilarious rendition filled with emojis from their iPhones. This is the best thing to happen to music all year. » 12/09/11 5:20pm 12/09/11 5:20pm

Jay-Z and Kanye Sample the Apollo 11 Launch

Watch the Throne has been knocking around Twitter, headphones, and radio stations since it dropped last week. The production is great—Yeezy, can you do no wrong? But one beat stands out. Probably because it samples NASA's moon launch. » 8/15/11 10:20pm 8/15/11 10:20pm

How Did Jay-Z and Kanye Keep the Biggest Album of the Year from Leaking?

Kanye and Jay-Z, rap's Zeus and Athena, have finally released their buzz-flinging collaboration, Watch the Throne. And it's pretty good! But more impressively, unlike virtually every single album ever these days, it didn't leak online first. How'd they do that? » 8/09/11 9:07am 8/09/11 9:07am

The Old Music Industry Is Dead: Apple Launching Record Label With Jay-Z

Looks like there might another major announcement at MacWorld. BGR says they've "confirmed" that Apple is launching a record label with Jay-Z, who's set to step down from Def Jam. Jay-Z and Jobs are both brilliant businessmen, and the move would make sense on a number of levels: The labels almost view iTunes as a… » 1/02/08 5:39pm 1/02/08 5:39pm