Racing Games Zoom Faster In the JDome 180-Degree Vision System

Svenska inventor John Nilsson has sent us a cool new demo video of the JDome, his patented 180-degree surround display. I've to admit that I wasn't convinced by his first-person shooter demo »10/22/08 11:30am10/22/08 11:30am, but I'm absolutely sold on it after watching him playing STCC, a car racing simulation set in Sweden. And no, I'm not sold on…


JDome Gives First-Person Gamers 180-Degree Vision, Gives Me Headaches

John Nilsson is the man behind the jDome, an invention that will give gamers a massive 180-degree field of vision instead of the usual 15 to 20 degrees they get from their monitors. All you do is put the jDome in front of a projector, mirror the image in the projector, change the Field of View and you're good to go.… »5/10/08 6:00pm5/10/08 6:00pm