Jean Nouvel's Faucets Have Touchsensing PlayStationish Buttons

Like many other architects, 2008 Pritzker winner Jean Nouvel also designs home objects, like these bathroom faucets and shower with touch sensor technology on four buttons which look taken from a PlayStation gamepad. Pressing the triangles will increase or decrease the temperature, while the circle will open the water… »3/31/08 4:15pm3/31/08 4:15pm

75-Story Skyscraper Will House Overflow for New York's MoMA

Jean Nouvel unveiled his design for The Tower at 53rd West 53rd Street this weekend. As well as the now-obligatory apartments and seven-star swank-hotel, the 75-story glass-and-steel structure will have three floors dedicated to housing the overflow collection of the neighboring MoMA. Check the gallery below to see… »11/19/07 5:24am11/19/07 5:24am