Kindle Fire Owners Now Get the Washington Post For Free

New Kindle Fires Might Get the Washington Post For Free

Ever since Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos plucked up the Washington Post, we've wondered how he would merge it into his personal empire. And here we have it: The Post is launching a magazine-style app that will come preloaded on new Kindle Fires, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. » 10/06/14 12:53pm 10/06/14 12:53pm

Report: Amazon Wants Your Smart Home To Know What You Need Before You Do

Despite having almost a quarter of a billion active users, Amazon is struggling to find a footing for its hardware in peoples' homes. You might have ten old Amazon boxes lying around—but did any of them contain a Fire phone? A new report from Reuters details how Jeff Bezos plans to change that by doubling down on… » 9/24/14 9:08am 9/24/14 9:08am

DARPA'S Turning to Bezos and Branson For Help Building Its Spaceplanes

We've known about DARPA's plan to build a reusable, unmanned space plane for quite some time, but the agency just announced the companies that will help. Unsurprisingly, two feature famous billionaires who love space. » 7/16/14 3:31pm 7/16/14 3:31pm

A Look Inside the Amazon Lab Behind Tomorrow's 3D Smartphone

Tomorrow, Amazon unveils its entry into the smartphone arena , a long-rumored device that supposedly uses eye-tracking tech to create the first 3D smartphone display . BloombergBusinessweek spoke to some of Amazon's mad scientists for the inside story on Lab126, the skunkworks tasked with making the 3D phone a reality. » 6/17/14 3:00pm 6/17/14 3:00pm

A Bezos-Funded Center for Innovation Explores Seattle's Tech Roots

From Seattle's well-known corporate behemoths—Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Costco—to its less-obvious innovators, like Nirvana and Dale Chihuly, a new permanent exhibition funded by Jeff Bezos explores the idea that innovation is a key part of the city's identity. The Bezos Center for Innovation at… » 1/03/14 3:40pm 1/03/14 3:40pm

Photoshop Contest: Why Is Jeff Bezos Smiling?

Another week, another photoshop contest. And what will you be manipulating for the sake of Art this time? Why, none other than Mr. Amazon-Blue-Origin-Washington-Post himself. And lucky for you, last night's new Kindles afforded us the delightful photo you see above. » 9/25/13 4:00pm 9/25/13 4:00pm

How Jeff Bezos Made Amazon Everyone's Everything All of the Time

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is probably the defining salesman of our time. But in a sit-down with a small group of journalists yesterday that was ostensibly about new Kindle hardware, it became more clear than ever that his company's success has come not from any individual product line, but from one impossibly ambitious… » 9/25/13 12:01pm 9/25/13 12:01pm

Jeff Bezos Speaks Out About Running the Washington Post

Last month, Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post for $250 million. Now, in the first interview he's given since the purchase, he's spoken out about what we can expect to see from him. » 9/03/13 5:59am 9/03/13 5:59am

New Newspaper Owner Jeff Bezos on the Bleak Future of Newspapers Last…

Well this is just fun. Jeff Bezos talked with German newspaper Berliner-Zeitung in 2012 about the dark future of newspapers and how they can be relevant to Amazon. And well, since Bezos is now a newspaper baron, it's probably a good idea to revisit his rather bleak thoughts on print. » 8/05/13 9:01pm 8/05/13 9:01pm

Jeff Bezos Is Buying the Washington Post for $250 Million

Today the Washington Post Company agreed to sell the Washington Post newspaper to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for $250 million in cash. This ends the Graham family's ownership of the paper after four generations. The deal, which was made independently of Bezos' other ventures, is expected to close within 60 days. » 8/05/13 4:36pm 8/05/13 4:36pm

Confirmed: Jeff Bezos Rescued Apollo 11's Engine From the Ocean Floor

Jeff Bezos' child-like love and wonder of space and rockets has yielded many a great thing, including Apollo 11's #5 engine. The Amazon CEO confirmed today that the rockets dredged from the Atlantic earlier this year are, in fact, those from Apollo 11. » 7/19/13 12:44pm 7/19/13 12:44pm

Jeff Bezos Has Rescued the Apollo 11 Rockets From the Ocean Floor

Ever since July 16, 1969, the rockets that pushed Apollo 11 into the atmosphere—and mankind to the moon—have been laying at bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Jeff Bezos has been keen to get them back, and now, thanks to his hard work and vast fortune of book money, they're seeing the light of day for the first time in… » 3/20/13 2:00pm 3/20/13 2:00pm

Emailing Jeff Bezos Every Time You Read a Book on Kindle Is the Best…

Everyone wants you to share. Share the music you listen to, the movies you watch, the articles you read, the books you read. So Johannes Osterhoff is sharing, just with the guy in charge. » 1/15/13 9:20pm 1/15/13 9:20pm

Amazon Literally Makes No Money When You Buy a Kindle Paperwhite or…

Jeff Bezos revealed to the BBC that Amazon makes no profit off the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD. Both devices are sold at cost, which means, both devices' price is how much it costs Amazon to make them. » 10/11/12 9:00pm 10/11/12 9:00pm

Jeff Bezos' Exploration Team Just Found the Apollo 11 Rockets at the…

A Jeff Bezos-funded team of sea explorers has located the Apollo 11 rockets that helped get man get to the moon. » 3/28/12 6:20pm 3/28/12 6:20pm

This Is the Bigoted, Racist, Anti-Abortion Search Engine That Powers…

I'm sure Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos doesn't know about this, but he's funding a seemingly Christian extremist search engine that is anti-abortion, anti-evolution, racist and even thinks that rape may be justifiable. It's called ChaCha, and it powers Android's most popular Siri competitor, Iris. » 2/08/12 8:51am 2/08/12 8:51am

Do Tech Exec Trading Cards Have Business Stats on the Back?

Was Steve Jobs the comeback player of the year in 2001? Was Jeff Bezos rookie of the year? Who won the batting title? What's the equivalent of winning a Golden Glove award? Who is Ted Leonsis??? » 10/25/11 8:40pm 10/25/11 8:40pm

Jeff Bezos Is Basically Lex Luthor

Remember that Google engineer who shit-talked his own company? He's back! And this time he's saying nice things—he's had a personal run-in with Jeff Bezos, and is here to report just how insanely smart (and insane?) he is. » 10/21/11 10:40am 10/21/11 10:40am