Forget Driverless Cars, This Tiny Design Tweak Can Make Streets Safer

We write about a lot of high-tech solutions for making roads safer: driverless cars, separated bike lanes, public transit, smarter signaling. Each of these are expensive to develop and difficult to adopt. What if there was a simple, cost-efficient way to guarantee safer streets? There could be: Make all traffic lanes… »10/06/14 6:16pm10/06/14 6:16pm


How Encouraging People to Walk Can Help Strengthen Our Cities

I live in L.A., a land of 20-lane interchanges, parking lots the size of football stadiums, and mind-bending, soul-crushing, life-altering traffic. Every day, I meet people who don't even know we have a public transit system and see places in my neighborhood without any sidewalks. This is because, a half-century ago,… »10/21/13 6:00pm10/21/13 6:00pm