New No-Touch Surface Gives You Jedi Powers

This evolution of Jeff Han's multitouch surface doesn't require touching, allowing you to manipulate objects Jedi-style thanks to infrared camera tracking overhead. This makes possible the use of conventional software, like a web browser, while keeping the advantages of direct touch manipulation. We talked about the… » 4/09/08 9:10am 4/09/08 9:10am

Jeff Han Talks Multitouch, iPhones, and Lame Minority Report Jokes

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Bumping into Jeff Han, a man highly obsessed with touchscreens, was a highlight of my Nextfest fly through. He was showing off Perceptive Pixel's 16 foot long multitouch system and I got a chance to ask him about the UI, what he thinks of and the iPhone and other systems, and how much he must hate… » 9/14/07 3:51pm 9/14/07 3:51pm

Experimental Touchscreen Makes iPhone Look Like a Toy

The main draw of Apple's iPhone is its touchscreen interface, which can respond to two points of contact. What if you could have a touchscreen with an infinite number of points of contact? What would that do for computing as we know it? How would that change life as we know it? These are but a few questions raised by… » 1/19/07 11:36am 1/19/07 11:36am