Jeff 'Magic Wall' Han on The Daily Show, Exposes CNN's Nefarious Multitouch Conspiracy

Click to view »11/19/08 4:45am11/19/08 4:45amWe're not the only ones with CNN's over-the-top , which they use in equal measure to cover elections, entertain babies and just fill time — fake TV news has been for all it's worth. Now The Daily Show is on the case, and they've sent John Oliver to talk to Jeff Han, the man behind . What he finds aren't…

Jeff Han Talks Multitouch, iPhones, and Lame Minority Report Jokes

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Bumping into Jeff Han, a man highly obsessed with touchscreens, was a highlight of my Nextfest fly through. He was showing off Perceptive Pixel's 16 foot long multitouch system and I got a chance to ask him about the UI, what he thinks of and the iPhone and other systems, and how much he must hate… »9/14/07 3:51pm9/14/07 3:51pm