PSP Gets 5.03 Update

The Sony PSP just got the 5.03 firmware update, which improves stability somewhere, somehow. Enjoy the photo of Jessica Chobot licking a PSP, because it's 1AM here. [PSP Blog via Kotaku] » 1/20/09 3:40am 1/20/09 3:40am

Apple TV Licked by Olivia Munn

Fans of Attack of the Show will recognize Olivia Munn and her Munness, but those of you unfamiliar with Olivia will undoubtedly have her face (if not tongue) etched into your head after you watch this clip. After all, it worked for Jessica Chobot, PSP Licker. Too bad it did nothing for the PSP, whose sales are still… » 3/23/07 9:30pm 3/23/07 9:30pm