DirecTV Adwatch: Jessica Simpson Brawls and Talks 1080i

"253 straight days in the gym to get this body and you're not going to watch me in DirecTV HD?...It's broadcast in 1080i. I totally don't know what that means, but I want it." » 12/13/06 10:32am 12/13/06 10:32am

Yahoo! Releases DRM-Free Music of the Jessica Simpson Variety

Despite losing a heck of a lot of money in value in the past few days, Yahoo! is doing something that's likely to win it at least a couple of new friends. That is, Yahoo! has released a DRM-free music track on its online store. Unlike other DRM-free online music stores, which mainly deal with unknown or indie artists… » 7/21/06 11:48am 7/21/06 11:48am