The Rafale really looks like a fighter from the future in these images

These images may or may not correspond to a refueling incident between a KC-135 Stratotanker and a French Air Force's Rafale jet fighter, but I don't really care because they are just an excuse to say that this is perhaps the coolest, most space-invaders-looking jet flying today. » 5/19/14 7:41pm 5/19/14 7:41pm

Navy Looks for New Jet, on Top of Its Trillion-Dollar Model

On Friday, the Navy quietly released a "market survey" asking the big defense contractors for their "candidate[s]" for "strike fighter aircraft" in the decades to come. Which is a little weird, considering the Pentagon is currently spending a trillion dollars on just such an aircraft: the troubled Joint Strike Fighter. » 4/17/12 7:01am 4/17/12 7:01am