JetBlue's New 'Mint Class' Is Now The Nicest Way To Fly Cross-Country

First Class on domestic flights can be a bit of a joke, offering luxury commensurate with what regular passengers used to get. This Sunday, jetBlue will change the cross country long-haul game with the launch of their new Airbus A321. It's cheaper than most first class trips and, as I found out, nicer in many ways. » 6/13/14 1:00pm 6/13/14 1:00pm

Jetblue's Cabin Redesign Is A Big Step Up . . . For Some People

JetBlue has a new design scheme for their Airbus A321s, used on transcontinental flights. In addition to the usual 143 economy seats, these planes will have actual "class" seating for the first time with 16 business class seats and four business class "suites." Apparently Jetblue had to file a special request with the… » 8/04/13 7:16pm 8/04/13 7:16pm

JetBlue. Free Wi-Fi. December 11th 2007. Kind of.

I can hardly believe my eyes, but the WSJ and Reuters are reporting that JetBlue is offering Wi-Fi on it's flights December 11th, 2007. But wait a minute. The service will be able to "support the entire plane" but don't expect YouTube out yet. The biggest catch is that only Yahoo Mail and IM on lappies, and Wi-Fi… » 12/06/07 3:02pm 12/06/07 3:02pm