How To Keep Travel From Wrecking Your Body

It goes without saying that modern methods of travel—planes, trains, and automobiles—are a hell of a lot better than ye olde horse and buggy days, but convenience has a cost. Many hours of remaining sedentary exact a serious tax on your body. While nothing you do can make a long trip a zero-impact affair, there are… » 8/21/13 3:01pm 8/21/13 3:01pm

LAVA Future Hotel Room Is Perfect for Dr. Dave Bowman

Created by LAVA architects—the people who designed the Beijing Water Cube » 11/19/08 9:15am 11/19/08 9:15am and —and the work organization branch of the Fraunhofer Institute—who brought you the MP3 standard—this Future Hotel Room belongs to a set of a Kubrick movie full of monoliths and monkeys. It's not just looks, however: The room has been designed…