The Late Great American Promise of Less Work

Some French companies just banned employees from responding to work emails after work hours. A city in Sweden is trying out a 30-hour work week in earnest. But while the prospect of working less and enjoying more leisure time used to be the great futuristic promise of midcentury America, today it’s little more than a… »8/18/15 3:55pm8/18/15 3:55pm


The Coolest (and Weirdest) Stuff From Today's Animation Art Auction

There's an impressive art auction at Profiles in History today and tomorrow featuring everything from wax figures to theme park blueprints. Here's some of the coolest (and weirdest) stuff from it, if you're still looking to get me something for Christmas. For instance, the Alice in Wonderland concept painting above by… »12/18/14 3:48pm12/18/14 3:48pm

The Jetsons Amusement Park Ride That Never Was

Bruce Bushman was a designer whose name you may not know, but whose work you've almost certainly seen. He worked on everything from the design of the Disneyland castle to episodes of The Flintstones TV show. But there's one project that Bushman worked on that sadly never became a reality: a Jetsons theme park ride. »9/05/14 1:42pm9/05/14 1:42pm

American Workers Are Getting Screwed

Over the past 50 years, Americans have increased their productivity and are working longer hours than their European counterparts. Yet we're seeing few of the gains you'd expect of a modern society. American wages are stagnant, and things like paid vacation time or even paid maternity leave are luxuries afforded to… »6/28/14 11:02am6/28/14 11:02am

We're Still Waiting On The Dishwasher Utopia

Today, roughly 75 percent of American households have a dishwasher. But this wonder of modern kitchen science still lags well behind refrigerators and microwaves — which are both over 95 percent. The automatic dishwasher was the high-tech promise of the 1920s. And the 1950s. And the 1970s. So why has the dishwasher… »4/30/14 4:26pm4/30/14 4:26pm

Time After Time: 70 Years of Broken Smartwatch Dreams

Welcome to the future! a Samsung rep proclaimed during the company's new product presentation in Berlin yesterday. Yes, something out of sci-fi! he beamed. The rep was wearing the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, proudly showing it off for the journalists in the room and the tech geeks watching along at home. The… »9/05/13 3:55pm9/05/13 3:55pm

Why There's No 1960s Jetsons Art in Tomorrow's Big Animation Auction

On Wednesday there's an enormous animation art auction in L.A. that includes some gorgeous pop culture history. It will include original animation cels from Fleischer Studios, concept art from Disney legend Mary Blair, and an original production drawing from Winsor McCay's classic 1914 film Gertie the Dinosaur.… »7/30/13 5:08pm7/30/13 5:08pm

Who Would You Cast In a Live-Action Jetsons Movie?

Kanye West is making the rounds again claiming that he's the creative director for a live-action Jetsons movie that's currently (sort-of, kind-of, not really) in development. Beyond the fact that "creative director" isn't actually the title for a job on any movie — but something you'd find at an advertising agency —… »6/27/13 1:30pm6/27/13 1:30pm