Tomorrow's Corporate Jets Will Be Flying Johnny Cabs

Being a commercial airline pilot isn't as glamorous as Leonardo di Caprio would have you believe; in practice, it's more akin to long haul trucking than aerial acrobatics. So rather than force a human pilot to endure the monotony of maintaining course, a European research consortium wants to replace them… » 5/17/13 11:35am 5/17/13 11:35am

Why Is This Winter So Weirdly Warm and Dry?

I was running around Manhattan the night of December 22nd and the temperature was 55 degrees. Being a bratty Californian, I admit I was thrilled to not be shivering. But the responsible part of my brain also found it disconcerting. » 1/12/12 4:30pm 1/12/12 4:30pm

HTC Jetstream Lightning Review: All Lag, No Jet

Despite running Android's Honeycomb and packing an AT&T 4G radio, the HTC Jetstream has largely been written off for being so 'spensive. But hey! There are even more reasons to write it off. Oy. » 11/21/11 3:12pm 11/21/11 3:12pm

Here's How Fast AT&T's Real 4G Network Will Be

Of all the fake, gimpy, tortoise-slow 4Gs of the world, AT&T has historically been far and away the fakest, gimpiest, tortoise-slowest. But the real-deal LTE hotness is coming soon. And as this real-life demo shows, it's going to be blazing. » 9/07/11 8:33am 9/07/11 8:33am

The HTC Jetstream Tablet Is AT&T's First Tablet with 4G LTE

The HTC Jetstream, formerly known as the Puccini, is headed to AT&T on September 4th. It's running Android 3.1 on a 10.1-inch screen (nice!) and will be AT&T's first tablet with real 4G LTE (really nice!). For some reason though, it's going to cost $700 (ugh). » 8/31/11 9:55am 8/31/11 9:55am

First Hands-On With the RCA Jet Stream MP3 Player with Kleer Wireless…

We just got our fingerprints all over the strangely enticing RCA Jet Stream: a sporty, rubber edged MP3 player with a pair of wireless headphones that sound surprisingly pristine.
» 9/19/07 10:28am 9/19/07 10:28am

Precious Stones: RCA's Gem Line MP3 Players, Jensen SportFones

Just like the shiny rocks they're named after, RCA's line of Gem MP3 players aren't that fancy. The Pearl is a tiny 1GB thumb drive player with a MicroSD slot, designed for the barebones minimalist. For $49, you get a backlit screen that can alternate between seven colors, and a AAA battery will power the player for… » 1/07/07 6:12pm 1/07/07 6:12pm