80,000 Color Combos Are Possible With This DIY Watch

I love companies that let you customize their products, like (cough) Urban Outfitters' hipster bike service, and now RED5's Vibe watch. They've got enough solid and translucent color options for every part of the watch that you can rack up 80,000 combos apparently. They cost £30/$50, with women's and kids' sizing… » 7/27/11 6:40am 7/27/11 6:40am

Every Memory has a Silver Lining with USB Jewelry

See that little glittery thing 'round her neck? Yes, I know she's attractive... but listen: it's a 2GB USB memory stick. Yup, in sterling silver nonetheless. I mean, forget hiding a tiny memory chip on your keychain, this has got to be the way to go. For that "posh" feeling, anyway. The limited edition collection has… » 4/08/08 12:59pm 4/08/08 12:59pm