Amazon Turns Boring Gift Cards Into Campy Personalized Videos

Gift cards are a cop-out that screams "I'm too lazy to think about this!" But if you're going to go that route, you might as well go with an Amazon gift card because, well, you can buy just about anything on Amazon. It's like handing someone cash. Besides, now that Amazon's teamed up with video greeting card service… » 11/16/12 10:44am 11/16/12 10:44am

Multitalented Darth Vader Has a Hoedown With Luke Using Advanced Music-Making Device

Who knew that mouth-breathing thingamajig Darth Vader wears on his face was capable of such down-home, bluesy music? The versatile device is also capable of voice changing, turning Darth's sinister baritone into a rip-roaring hee-haa voice. Darth, we hardly knew ye. [Jibjab]
» 10/09/07 12:16pm 10/09/07 12:16pm