Yahoo Still Yanging Onto Microsoft Deal

Yahoo founder and beleaguered CEO Jerry Yang decided yesterday that it was Microsoft's fault that the merger talks fell apart, even though Microsoft upped its bid from $31 to $33 in order to keep negotiations going. Yang wanted $37 per share—a far cry from the $24.37 it dropped to when Microsoft walked. Bottom line:… » 5/06/08 9:35am 5/06/08 9:35am

Weird Combo of the Day: Free Phone Charge Adapters with Jim Beam Long…

If there's ever a pattern with these weird combo of the days we do, it's that people like to bundle things with booze. We suppose you still need to get stuff done when you're drunk. That's why this set of phone charging adapters free with every 4-pack of Jim Beam Long Black isn't really a surprise. You can't drunk… » 5/06/07 1:50pm 5/06/07 1:50pm