Stuff We Didn't Post Today (and Why)

Apple Tablet? Microsoft Courier? Pshaw, I'll Take eviGroup...Like Peter Cetera, It's Hard for CNBC To Say "I'm Sorry"...Verizon to Apple: "Please Baby, Come Back, I'll Do Anything!"...Microsoft's Apple Store Copycatting Conspiracy Gets Creepier » 10/26/09 11:00pm 10/26/09 11:00pm

Jon Stewart vs Jim Cramer on Manipulating Apple Stock

It's been interesting watching the CNBC's bad habits come under fire by the mighty Jon Stewart. Gawker's got a clip of Cramer as he appears on The Daily Show tonight, where Jim Cramer is quoted talking about manipulating Apple stock. » 3/13/09 1:02am 3/13/09 1:02am

On Apple Reporting: Fake Steve Rips CNBC a New One

When we published a rumor we got raked across the coals by Jimbo over sources. Unfortunately, he was wrong. UPDATE: Fake Steve Jobs is "banned" for asking Jim to apologize on CNBC. » 1/14/09 8:26pm 1/14/09 8:26pm