Jimmy Fallon and the Roots own U2 in perfect cover of Desire

U2 was going to perform in Jimmy Fallon for the entire week. But, as Fallon explains in this video, Bono broke an arm this weekend and they had to cancel. Amazingly enough, he and the Roots filled in and performed Desire—one of U2 best songs, from the 1988 Rattle and Hum. It was as good or better than the young U2. »11/18/14 10:35pm11/18/14 10:35pm


Jimmy Fallon Loves Voicemail Hacking and Criticizing People's Phones

Jimmy Fallon's Hacker 9000 is capable of instant voicemail hacking. If you are were an audience member on last night's Late Night, you may have feared certain humiliation at the hand of Fallon's "gadget." Even more humiliating, however, may have been Fallon's mockery of your smartphone. [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon] »3/28/12 7:40pm3/28/12 7:40pm