White Stick for the Blind Gets Sensor Upgrade with "Tactile Wand"

Designer Jin Woo Han has created the "Tactile Wand" as a 21st-century conceptual white stick for the blind. The rechargeable gadget uses some sort of distance sensor and communicates by buzzing, letting the user know of upcoming obstacles: the stronger the buzz, the nearer the object. Neat design, Jin, but can it detect… » 3/07/08 4:08am 3/07/08 4:08am

Digital Picture Frame Doubles as a Camera

Designer Jin Woo Han figured if you want both a digital camera and a digital picture frame, why not put them together and display the pictures with the same device you used to capture them? In this design concept Han calls the Samsung SS 700, he determined a happy medium size where the point-and-shoot camera is not too … » 7/24/07 1:47pm 7/24/07 1:47pm