Is This GIF The First Footage From Star Wars: Episode 7?

Major speculation ahead, but a Star Wars fansite is claiming that this GIF of the Millennium Falcon might be the first-ever bit of footage from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What do you think? » 11/22/14 6:24pm 11/22/14 6:24pm

11 Star Wars Titles Better Than The Force Awakens

The next Star Wars title was announced last week, and honestly, it kinda sucks. We saw plenty of room for improvement, and asked if you could come up with a better title than J.J. Abrams and committee. Help us, Gizmodo readers, you're our only hope. » 11/10/14 5:33pm 11/10/14 5:33pm

Help Come Up With a Better Star Wars Title Than "The Force Awakens"

In a tweet heard 'round the galaxy, the title of Star Wars Episode VII was revealed to be the somewhat gratifying but also quite puzzling The Force Awakens. Just because J.J. Abrams slapped some space words together doesn't mean we can't do better. The internet is already putting its best ideas forward. » 11/07/14 1:00pm 11/07/14 1:00pm

How To Turn Star Trek Into The Next Marvel Movie Universe

For anyone who has followed the film and television business in the last few years, they know one thing is true: mega-franchises are king. Right now, every studio is looking for its own version of Marvel's universe. But Paramount has one sitting right under its nose, and it's called Star Trek. » 10/07/14 6:40pm 10/07/14 6:40pm

Hulu Is Producing a Stephen King/J.J. Abrams Miniseries About JFK

Creators of creep Stephen King and J.J. Abrams were destined to pair up at some point, and now Hulu is going to be one to bring them together. The site scored a huge coup in booking the duo for a new miniseries about the John F. Kennedy assassination, Hulu's first big original content win. » 9/22/14 3:45pm 9/22/14 3:45pm

Cool new X-Wing Mark II revealed in new Star Wars VII video

A new J. J. Abrams' Star Wars VII video shows a new version of the X-Wing starfighter. It may look like a Z-95 Headhunter because it doesn't appear to have the classic s-foils that open to give it it's X attack shape, but this official tweet says it's the real thing. So, ladies and gentlenerds, behold the X-wing Mark… » 7/21/14 9:39am 7/21/14 9:39am

All the FX Tricks Used to Make the Awesome Star Trek Credits

After the opening teaser scene in this summer's Star Trek: Into Darkness, the film bursts into a batshit outer space title credit sequence, which sets the blood-boiling tone for the rest of the adventure. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how those rad 3D graphics were made.
» 9/17/13 1:52pm 9/17/13 1:52pm

R2-D2 spotted in Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Wars droid R2-D2 made a cameo in the 2009 Star Trek movie, which left some fans wondering if the little guy made it into Star Trek Into Darkness. Now that the film is out on home media, R2-D2 has been spotted. Hi there! » 9/08/13 3:11pm 9/08/13 3:11pm

The New Star Wars Will Be Shot on Film, Which Is Probably Great

Last night, Star Wars: Episode VII cinematographer Dan Mindel announced that the J.J. Abrams-directed movie will be shot on 35mm film, as opposed to digital video. The decision symbolizes the changing of the guard from the reign of George Lucas, and hopefully adds some much-needed vigor to the beloved franchise. » 8/23/13 12:24pm 8/23/13 12:24pm

Star Trek Into Darkness: The Spoiler FAQ

After making a mere $84 million at the U.S. box office, Star Trek Into Darkness is considered by some to be a disappointment. Perhaps the problem is that it was a touch confusing. To help our readers better understand it, we've complied and answered these Frequently Asked Questions about the movie. » 5/20/13 4:52pm 5/20/13 4:52pm

Star Trek Into Darkness Review: Small Time Fun

Making a Star Trek movie must be hard. A movie like Star Trek Into Darkness has to simultaneously treat its source material with acknowledgement, if not respect, and make itself feel new and original. There are a lot of ways to do that, but JJ Abrams seemed to choose, “Just make it fun and figure the rest out.” He… » 5/16/13 3:44pm 5/16/13 3:44pm

Everything Wrong With Star Trek

Like us, you probably couldn't be more excited for Star Trek: Into Darkness. Well, ahead of the flick's release on May 17th, our favorite flaw-counting nerds have taken their nitpicking scalpels to the many instances of narrative discontinuity, faulty logic, and all-around flawed filmmaking in JJ Abrams' remake from… » 5/07/13 1:13pm 5/07/13 1:13pm

Here's What It'd Look Like if JJ Abrams Directed the Original Star Wars

So JJ Abrams is directing Star Wars Episode VII, and everyone is quite certain that it will be very great or very bad or very dumb. But before we see a single frame of lens flared footage, this shot-for-shot recreation of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer using original trilogy clips is a taste of what an Abrams … » 1/28/13 6:30pm 1/28/13 6:30pm

It's Official: Disney Confirms That JJ Abrams Will Direct the Next Star…

It's official guys. Disney has just confirmed that the next Star Wars: Episode VII will be directed by JJ Abrams. Yep, the guy in charge of Star Trek is officially in charge of Star Wars. » 1/26/13 12:07am 1/26/13 12:07am

Who Would You Like to Direct the Next Star Wars?

According to millions of voices suddenly crying about it on the internet, JJ Abrams will direct the next Star Wars. The Wrap says that Disney has already signed the director of Lost, the Star Trek reboot and Star Trek: Into Darkness to direct Star Wars VII for a 2015 release. » 1/25/13 11:42am 1/25/13 11:42am

Dubious Sith Rumor: J.J. Abrams Will Direct Next Star Wars

Even though God in Heaven has prohibited man from directing both Star Trek and Star Wars at the same time—lest he be sent into a pit of tar and screaming—we've got (anonymous) two reports saying J.J. Abrams will make Star Wars VII. Seriously. » 1/24/13 4:54pm 1/24/13 4:54pm

Is Howard Stern Responsible For Pirated Super 8 Release?

As many of you know, it's not uncommon for recent cinema releases to show up on torrent sites. What's unusual here is that the watermark of the high-quality torrent Super 8 appears to point the finger at one Howard Stern. » 8/08/11 4:30am 8/08/11 4:30am

Super 8 doesn't live up to the hype, but that's OK

Super 8 is one of the only original science fiction movies this summer, and it's the brainchild of "sense of wonder" twins Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams. So yeah, there's been a lot of hype about this flick. And no, it's not entirely deserved. But that doesn't mean it isn't a likable, exciting movie. » 6/11/11 2:02pm 6/11/11 2:02pm

Yes! Star Trek Is Cool Because a Pie Chart Says So!

Sci Fi Wire makes a convincing argument, in both authoritarian pie chart form and debatable exposition, as to why Star Trek is cool (again). But what's missing from the chart? Two words: Lens flare. » 6/18/09 8:00pm 6/18/09 8:00pm