Is Every Snowflake Actually Unique?

You've been told that "no two snowflakes are alike" more times than you can count. But is that actually the case? And if so—why? Fortunately, Joe Hanson of It's Okay to Be Smart has done us the favor of breaking down the science of snowflakes, how they become so intricate, and why, even though some may appear similar,… » 1/07/14 7:30pm 1/07/14 7:30pm

What Happens When a Boeing 777 Tries to Land in a Major Crosswind

There's a pretty harrowing video making its way around the internet today of a Boeing 777 as it makes an attempt (and fails miserably) at landing. But it's no crash—thanks to an insane crosswind, it literally cannot land. » 12/07/13 9:00am 12/07/13 9:00am