Sneak Peek Of Why I Shouldn't Be Trusted With My Own Safety On Gizmodo:…

Funny story. When we were dreaming up tests for Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers, our upcoming special on BBC America (Monday at 10:20/9:30c!), I wanted to test noise-cancelling Bluetooth earpieces by strapping the hosts to the front of a moving train. I was told that would be "too dangerous." » 3/15/13 12:15pm 3/15/13 12:15pm

How Gizmodo Grew Up

Founding editor Peter Rojas gave birth to Gizmodo, but Joel Johnson changed its diapers in the early days. Ten years on, the site still shows traces of Joel's unmistakable voice and editorial judgment. Gizmodo recently contacted Joel to demand an explanation. » 8/14/12 3:20pm 8/14/12 3:20pm

Apple Store is Down—New Sh*t Is On Its Way!

The Apple Store is down. Let's celebrate with Joel Johnson's "Apple Store is Down" song, recorded while he was Boing Boing Gadgets editor a couple of years ago. Check it out here. » 9/01/10 11:41am 9/01/10 11:41am

My Gadget-Loving Nerd Friends: Lisa Katayama and Steven Leckart Writing…

I know this isn't facebook/twitter, but my friends Joel Johnson and Rob Beschizza have just picked up my surfing/WIRED buddy Steve Leckart and sweetheart Lisa Katayama as tech writers at BoingBoing Gadgets. If those 4 threw a party, I'd stop playing Xbox and go to it, so to speak. So please stop by and say hello to… » 4/06/09 6:19pm 4/06/09 6:19pm

Joel Johnson Running BoingBoing's Gadget Blog

Joel Johnson, the editor of Gizmodo originally responsible for injecting this blog with humor, launched a gadget blog today over at BoingBoing. Recent converts to Giz will remember his rant about gadgets and gadget coverage a few months ago, but in case you weren't sure about how BB's gadget blog will be different… » 8/28/07 2:39pm 8/28/07 2:39pm

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: Joel Johnson Spank Us All…

Gizmodo editor emeritus Joel Johnson is back, and if you thought he was doling out noogies before, wait til you get a hold of his first column where he scolds you, the Giz writers, the gadget makers, and you, dear readers, for supporting the disgusting cycle of gadget whoring. Just like the obscure route that your… » 2/13/07 3:31pm 2/13/07 3:31pm

Rock Out Tonight for the Kiddos at Fünde Razor II

Got nothing to do tonight? Live in the New York area? Hit up the Fünde Razor II. This is an event put on annually by Gizmodo's own alum, Joel Johnson, at the Barcade in Brooklyn, New York. At the event you can play some Guitar Hero, drink some mighty fine brews and also play classic arcade games. There will even be… » 12/06/06 11:04am 12/06/06 11:04am

Choose Your Own HDTV Adventure

For those of you still having a hard time deciding which HDTV to buy, Joel's got a spectacular guide to help you out. And if Joel Johnson's one thing, it's hairy. If he's two things, then he's hairy and clever. Clever enough to put on his pants in the morning and churn out this brilliant Choose Your Own Adventure. » 11/29/06 1:00pm 11/29/06 1:00pm

Gizmodo Alum, Joel Johnson, Launches Dethroner

Gizmodo alumnus and pioneer Joel Johnson launched Dethroner today. Dethroner is the perfect guide for the imperfect man, kind of like a Men's Vogue, but actually written by a man, and actually for men. Good work, Joel. Now go check it out, you sheep. » 9/25/06 2:35pm 9/25/06 2:35pm