An Extracurricular And Deadly Use For Pencils

I wouldn't say using pencils as zombie-killing projectiles would be my first thought, but if you do enough slingshot-ing I guess it makes sense that you would eventually run up against office supplies as a source of inspiration. Joerg updates his pencil shooter to be crank operated and more efficient. It can shoot two… » 10/06/13 8:30pm 10/06/13 8:30pm

Finally A Zombie-Fighting Toilet Brush Rifle With Scary Accuracy

As Joerg points out, toilet brushes tipped with nine inch nails are a much-beloved form of ammo on the Slingshot Channel. But the old toilet brush crossbows didn't really have a sighting system. So Joerg got serious and created a toilet brush sniper rifle, complete with telescopic sight, that can shoot with precision… » 9/15/13 10:32am 9/15/13 10:32am

Reduce A Steel Box To A Pathetic Lump With Slingshot Bullets

Joerg puts his equipment through a lot of abuse to film videos for the slingshot channel. And the catchbox he shoots into has borne the brunt of all that mayhem for three years. But it's probably been so gradual that no one really noticed. And then in a moment of clarity Joerg clearly realized that his catch box had… » 8/11/13 12:03pm 8/11/13 12:03pm

"Teach The Witches A Lesson" With A Slingshot That Shoots Brooms

Joerg begins today's video by saying, "As you know, I don't like witches." And in fact, I did not specifically remember this preference of his. But I can believe it. After watching a Harry Potter rerun this week, Joerg finally realized the hazard that quidditch and other flying broom sports pose to our safety. And he… » 7/21/13 4:40pm 7/21/13 4:40pm

A Weaponized Toilet Brush Crossbow Can Really Clean Up

When Joerg made metal-tipped toilet brushes a couple of months ago I'm pretty sure we were all thinking that they looked pretty tame. Okay, true, they violently annihilated a coconut suspended in ballistic gelatin, but they weren't horrifying, just chillingly effective. But a four shot repeating "monster" crossbow. That… » 7/14/13 12:00pm 7/14/13 12:00pm

A Lethal Slingshot That Shoots Metal Oreos

A few months ago Joerg (I feel like we're on a first name basis with him at this point, right?) got the idea to try and shoot Oreos out of a pump-action slingshot. It was a fun time, but not as deadly as he would have liked. So round two of the Oreo challenge involves oreo-sized metal washers. Not surprisingly they… » 6/16/13 7:33pm 6/16/13 7:33pm

A SlingSword Is A Sword/Slingshot Hybrid For Fighting Zombies

Joerg Sprave is expanding his horizons and moving The Slingshot Channel into a new era. He had blacksmith James Helm make him a small sword and this demo is a relaxing break for all of us. Just some good old fashioned coconut decapitation to test the blade. Refreshing! Oh, and the hilt of the sword also has a built-in … » 6/02/13 4:56pm 6/02/13 4:56pm

An M16-Based Crossbow Is a Truly Terrifying Thing

The M16A1 is an iconic gun, so it's no surprise that our favorite weapons designer Joerg Sprave fancied the idea of using one as the base of a crossbow. The result is rather terrifying. » 5/13/13 6:07am 5/13/13 6:07am

Weaponized Toilet Brushes Wipe Out Zombies and Hard Water Stains

Zombie or not, it's a good idea to never get on Joerg Sprave's bad side. Our favorite slingshot auteur can weaponize pretty much anything he gets his hands on. From ashtrays, to Oreos, to coins, to what is probably one of the most inane household objects you could think of: a toilet brush. » 5/06/13 8:24am 5/06/13 8:24am