Another Reason For California To Be Scared Shitless: Earthquake Storms

Worrying about the Big One is so passé. What you should really be worried about are the Big ONES. Yep: chances are, it won't be a single large earthquake that takes California out, it will be multiple, large earthquakes. Or perhaps you'd prefer to use the official Sharknado-esque term: "earthquake storms." »2/18/14 6:00pm2/18/14 6:00pm


Predictable Yet Still Entertaining: John Dvorak Calls Out NYT and WSJ for Shilling Apple

Yes he does. Every Apple launch, at least one tech journalist goes meta and calls out other journalists for being Apple shills. Meanwhile, PC Mag gives the iPhone a 4/5 rating with Editor's Choice, John likes Macs, and there's an icon on his column for "More iPhone coverage". Oh people, don't you know he's just… »7/18/08 2:04pm7/18/08 2:04pm