John Hodgman explains the end of the world to you

John Hodgman is the world's foremost expert on all things canny and uncanny, and everything in between. And today marks the release of Ragnarok, his one-hour comedy special about the apocalypse, via Netflix. To celebrate, we talked to him about the meaning of apocalyptic stories, and why he doesn't love zombies. » 6/20/13 3:51pm 6/20/13 3:51pm

John Hodgman: "Barack Obama Is the First Nerd President"

John Hodgman, now perhaps best known as the PC in the "I'm a Mac" ads, spoke at the Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner about nerds, Trekkies, and President Obama's favorite "name-brand smartphone [he] shall not name, for contractual reasons." » 6/20/09 4:30pm 6/20/09 4:30pm

'I'm a PC' Guy Interviewed, Confirmed Dorky

Sean Siler is Microsoft's employee and "I'm a PC" guy, the response » 10/08/08 6:45pm 10/08/08 6:45pm to Apple's long running PC parody famously acted by . Don't get us wrong. There's little to no content in this interview, but you get a good look at Siler sans brown jacket. Plus, you get to see what his hair normally looks like. (SPOILER ALERT: He…

So What's Up With That New 'I'm a PC' Guy, Anyway?

Do you want to know a little more about Sean Siler, Microsoft's version of Apple's PC parody John Hodgman? Of course you do! Luckily, the latest » 9/19/08 3:20pm 9/19/08 3:20pm Microsoft commercial had his email address right inside, and you can email "him" at But we saved you the 10 seconds and sent the email ourselves. Here's his…

Seinfeld and Gates Are Out, "I'm a Mac" Counterattack Ads Are In

Alas, the Abbott and Costello-esque partnership » 9/17/08 11:00pm 9/17/08 11:00pm between is now officially over, after Microsoft decided to go with a slightly less ambiguous advertising campaign. (, contrary to what's floating around the internet tonight about pulled Seinfeld ads.) In their place is a direct shot at those Apple "I'm a Mac" ads, where…

John Hodgman: PC Guy from Apple Ads Way Smarter Than Mac Guy

Radar interviews John Hodgman, you know, the PC Guy from the Apple ads. And reading it makes me feel just stupid. You know he works for the Daily Show, but did you know he's a full fledged NY Times Magazine editor and writer, and was a reporter for NPR's This American Life? Justin Long, the Mac Guy, is best known for… » 9/27/06 4:17pm 9/27/06 4:17pm