Pixar Studio Stories: Wherein Steve Jobs Buys John Lasseter a Volvo

We love Pixar around here. Who doesn't? Which is why this Pixar Studio Stories series is such a delight: animated, behind the scenes goodies from the company's illustrious history—including when they nearly lost most of Toy Story 2. » 4/07/10 9:40pm 4/07/10 9:40pm

The Man Who Made Toy Story Becomes One

If anyone deserves a Lego version of himself, it's John Lasseter. Pixar's visionary creative head was in New York today to promote Toy Story 3 and its merchandise when he was honored with this bricktastic commemorative bust. Plus: new toys! » 2/14/10 2:48pm 2/14/10 2:48pm