LEGO Johnny 5: Not QUITE Alive, But Still Pretty Damn Charming

It would have been impressive if Johnny 5 were merely sculpted from LEGO bricks. But Brickshelf user rack911 did one better and created a Johnny 5 with fully working treads and a-we'll call it partially functional-laser cannon. But appreciate the art carefully, dear reader. Johnny 5's no-nonsense, wisecracking… » 6/05/08 12:30pm 6/05/08 12:30pm

Johnny 5 Still Not Alive, But Now He's Got a LEGO Brother

Technically this is called the JohnNXT 5, though even Steve Guttenberg's minority friend won't be fooled that this isn't the real Johnny Five. LEGO fan Daniele Benedettelli built this entire thing out of LEGO Mindstorm NXT parts, which if our calculations are correct, means this probably costs as much as an actual… » 5/01/07 9:45pm 5/01/07 9:45pm