Apple Officially Rolls Out Joint Venture Support for Small Businesses

Small businesses have been targeted with an email from Apple advertising their $499-a-year Joint Venture service, which promises to help them to "get set up. Get trained. Stay running." Basically, Apple Geniuses will be available to assist businesses with training and help on all Apple products. [AppleInsider] »3/04/11 7:40am3/04/11 7:40am


Apple Will Charge $500 for Geniuses to Visit Businesses and Fix Their IT Issues

Aimed at small businesses, Apple's Joint Venture will cost $499 for five users annually, with additional users being tacked on for $99 each. The (likely) tax-deductible cost will save hapless office managers from schlepping into Apple stores and waiting for Geniuses there, and with any luck strike the foolish IT guy… »3/01/11 3:20am3/01/11 3:20am