Craigslist Auction for Nintendo & Apple Merger Documents Has Us Reaching for Our Wallets

We know you can find an occasional bargain on Craigslist, but this takes the biscuit: documents actually detailing a merger between Apple and Nintendo. We knew Nintendo and Apple were up to something—has no one else noticed all the plastic white styled similarities? C'mon you guys, it's just makes sense! Now, we're… »4/06/08 1:59am4/06/08 1:59am

Windows Really Good Edition May Cannibalize Vista's Market Share

There has been a lot of Apple talk recently; new iPods, movie rentals and general iTunes updates. Who's showing the Microsoft guys'n'gals any love? We are! Check out this absolutely, insanely great homage to Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows Really Good Edition, as it is dubbed, makes some much needed improvements… »9/09/07 3:10pm9/09/07 3:10pm