Bingewatching History: I Relived 16 Depressing Years Of The Daily Show

On September 12, 2000, Jon Stewart started The Daily Show’s Headlines segment with the following joke: “The GOP accused of using subliminal advertising. Bush says, ‘Why would we advertise underwater?’” After a run of jokes about then-candidate George W. Bush, Stewart chuckles, “He’s making it so easy.” » 8/05/15 6:39pm 8/05/15 6:39pm

Jon Stewart and P.W. Singer Discuss Dangerous Robot Soldiers

Discussed within: Asimov's Laws, Microsoft Word as the downfall of robot rebellion, Astro Boy, robots with hearts of gold, Jon Stewart's embarrassing film career, and Japan's decidedly adorable robot culture. Watch after the jump. » 1/31/09 12:30pm 1/31/09 12:30pm

Jon Stewart, Bored With Oscars, Pulls Out iPhone

Never before has the futility of watching films on such a tiny screen been so well encapsulated as when Jon Stewart enjoyed Lawrence of Arabia on the Oscar stage last night. If you missed it, we won't spoil the joke for you. But even after Stewart's cultural nod/low blow to the iPhone, Jobs got the last laugh as he… » 2/25/08 7:54am 2/25/08 7:54am