This Hilarious Secret Behind Jony Ive's Inspiration for iOS 7

iOS 7 is just so colorful! It's so light! It's so fun! But not only that, the colors all blend together in a beautiful watercolor effect. It's like a pastel psychedelic trip. It's like seeing the palette of an artist obsessed with Easter. I wonder where Jony Ive got the idea for that color scheme. I wonder what his… » 8/07/13 8:39pm 8/07/13 8:39pm

This Was One of the Original iPad Prototypes

If you know your bit of technology history, you'd know that Apple was actually working on an iPad before it developed the iPhone. What did those iPad prototypes look like? Well, according to these earliest known photos of an iPad prototype from the early 2000's, it looked really, really fat. » 7/18/12 12:38pm 7/18/12 12:38pm

Apple Design Guru on What's Wrong With The Other Guys

Apple's most popular products owe much of their success to their design, and by extension, to their designer, Jony Ive. In a new interview with the London Evening Standard, Ive dished about his secret sauce—and where his competitors are falling short. » 3/12/12 11:02am 3/12/12 11:02am

It's Now Sir Jonathan Ive

I hope you're ready for a day of iKnight jokes, because Apple's Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, Jonathan Ive, has officially been made a Knight Commander of the British Empire. » 12/31/11 9:00am 12/31/11 9:00am

Watch Apple Celebrate Steve Jobs' Life

On October 19th, Apple held a special memorial for Steve Jobs to celebrate his life. In the video, you can watch Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Al Gore and others talk about Steve and see performances by Norah Jones and Coldplay. » 10/24/11 8:15am 10/24/11 8:15am

Steve Jobs Ensured There Was No One at Apple To Boss Jonathan Ive Around

It hasn't even hit store shelves yet, but the juiciest tidbits from Steve Jobs' upcoming biography are steadily being leaked by those with advance copies of the book. The latest pertains to Jonathan Ive, Apple's Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, and the man who many believe to be the most integral part of… » 10/22/11 2:00pm 10/22/11 2:00pm

Jony Ive: High School Drummer, to Apple Superstar

In a sea of Jobs biographies, it's a nice change to read about the British-born Jonathan Ive. Who would've thought that designing a toilet would lead him to Cupertino, and to Apple's basement where he spent years toiling away unnoticed before Jobs scooped him up and gave him the opportunity he deserved? » 3/21/11 4:40am 3/21/11 4:40am

Apple's Chief Designer, Re-Designed

Jonathan Ive's the head designer for all Apple products. He looks cool, he has a sexy British accent, he gives fanboys broners and gets fangirls wet. Look at your right. That's him today. But who's the guy on the left? » 4/14/10 11:20am 4/14/10 11:20am

Apple Finally Gets Its Patent for That "iPhone" Thing

A design patent, to be exact, meaning: You can't make a brazen copy of the iPhone and iPod Touch's "ornamental design," or else you'll get sued to death. Of course, this isn't just about crude knockoffs. » 4/13/10 1:31pm 4/13/10 1:31pm

Don't Miss Objectified on PBS Tonight

We've shown you Jonathan Ive's segment in Objectified before, but the whole movie is on PBS later tonight. Check out PBS for the schedule and watch the fantastic Ives clip once more while you wait. [PBS via Michael Gartenberg] » 11/24/09 7:14pm 11/24/09 7:14pm

Watch Jonathan Ive's Segment in Objectified

Objectified, Gary Hustwit's look at the world of industrial design, featured a lengthy section on Apple Chief Designer Jon Ive—and now that clip is online for impatient Apple fans to see. [Brainstorm Tech] » 11/07/09 3:45pm 11/07/09 3:45pm

10 Things You Need to Know About Apple's New Stuff

Cupertino released a lot of new products today, and it was easy to miss something in the press release onslaught. To stay versed in the Tome of Apple, here are 10 things you need to know: » 10/20/09 5:00pm 10/20/09 5:00pm

Video: The New iMac Looks Even More Gorgeous Narrated by Jony Ive

I love these Jony Ive videos that always start, "We've actually figgered out a way..." This time, he's talking about how humongonormous and yummy the new iMac display is. And yes, it looks even better in video. » 10/20/09 12:49pm 10/20/09 12:49pm

Dell Design Explained, Part Two

I felt kinda bad about calling Dell's Consumer Design chief a massive dingus. So here's Dell's Lead Industrial Designer explaining the Studio One. It's inspired by home decor. Compare to his Apple counterpart, Jonathan Ive: » 4/24/09 10:30pm 4/24/09 10:30pm

Objectified Review

Do you ever stop to realize that another human being carefully conceived and designed every object you will touch today? It's a pretty amazing thought, and after Objectified, you'll be thinking it more often. » 4/22/09 1:00pm 4/22/09 1:00pm

Inside Jonathan Ive's Apple Design Lab

The guys behind forthcomoing gadget design doc Objectified recently filmed Apple Chief Designer Jonthan Ive at work in his secret Cupertino lair. I am now even more excited for this movie. » 1/23/09 9:40am 1/23/09 9:40am

Apple Says White Is Cool Again... But Is It?

In an otherwise surprise-free keynote today, one without booms or "one more thing"s, one bit of news stood out: White made a quiet return to the iPod family in the premium 16GB iPhone 3G. Sure, it never fully left Apple—remaining the default color for earbuds, plugs, power bricks, AirPort products and the cheapest… » 6/09/08 7:37pm 6/09/08 7:37pm

Apple's Top Designer Explains Design

Most of you probably know Jonathan Ive even if you don't recognize the name—he's Apple's head of design (otherwise known as the company's Senior Vice President of Industrial Design). And he's chiefly credited for designs of the iMac, iPod and iPhone. In an interview with The Independent, he shared some of his… » 5/20/08 12:00pm 5/20/08 12:00pm

Wall-E Movie is Jonathan Ive's Latest Design Job

CNNMoney/Fortune has a story out saying that Eve, the female character to stand opposite Wall-E in the movie of the same name, was designed in part by Apple lead designer Jonathan Ive. The robot design is kinda cool, in that it reminds me of the most recent incarnation of Marvin the Paranoid Android, but the real… » 5/12/08 8:27pm 5/12/08 8:27pm

Jonathan Ive Has Gone Too Far This Time

Remember the days of wallpaper illusions? Good. Because digitizing your child isn't the next Macbook feature. Steve Jobs hasn't lost control of his chief designer. The world is doomed (yet). [Optical Illusions] » 2/02/08 1:00pm 2/02/08 1:00pm