Palm Pre Designers Speak Up On Apps, Pre Hardware, and the Importance…

Palm designer Michelle Koh and CEO Jonathan Rubinstein have recently begun speaking about the design process of the Pre, and they've got some pretty interesting insights. These aren't PR people spouting catchphrases—these are the folks who create. » 6/05/09 8:20pm 6/05/09 8:20pm

Jonathan Rubinstein of iPod and iMac Fame Set to Helm Languishing Palm

Jonathan Rubinstein, the hardware engineering guru who helped bring Apple back on track, is going to be the new executive chairman of Palm. Hopefully this will give new life to their product line. Also joining in is former Apple CFO Fred Anderson, who will join the board, and Bono's Elevation Partners, which is taking… » 9/13/07 8:46am 9/13/07 8:46am