Hands On the Grid 10 Tablet and the Grid 4 Phone: Infinite Desktops Are…

The recently announced Grid 10 Tablet aims to redeem Fusion Garage after their very much failed JooJoo tablet. The Grid 10 (and its phone-buddy the Grid 4) arrived with much hype and hyperbole. » 8/17/11 12:10pm 8/17/11 12:10pm

The Most Interesting Tablet You've Never Heard Of

Finally we have something that looks legitimately different in the tablet game. TabCo's Grid 10 tablet has a whole new OS and a smartphone buddy to play with. » 8/15/11 1:25pm 8/15/11 1:25pm

JooJoo 2 Coming Early 2011 With an Android-ish Brain

The guys at JooJoo—you know, the tablet that was once made with TechCrunch but then had a falling out—want you to know two things: They're still alive, and there's a new JooJoo tablet coming next year. » 10/25/10 10:16pm 10/25/10 10:16pm

And Here Is Windows 7 Running Hot On a JooJoo Tablet

The JooJoo tablet, possibly big in Europe but not much else, now runs Windows 7 with touchscreen controls for some reason thanks to Joojoo Forums dweller darkdavy. » 6/13/10 11:00am 6/13/10 11:00am

JooJoo Now Available To Unsuspecting Europeans

Perhaps JooJoo will be one of those things—you know, like David Hasslehoff or cheese fondue. Big in Europe. Maybe they'll even sell more than 64? Available to France, Germany and the UK now, for €359.00/£319. [JooJoo via Blogeee] » 4/28/10 3:04am 4/28/10 3:04am

Fusion Garage Sends Email to All Their 64 JooJoo Customers In Cc:

I've got to admit that I find this funny, sad, and admirable at the same time. Fusion Garage sent this email to their only 64 JooJoo buyers—out of 90 pre-orders—exposing all their addresses: » 4/23/10 11:13am 4/23/10 11:13am

Fusion Garage JooJoo Goes Under the Knife, Exposing Guts and Glitch

Now that people have started to receive their JooJoo tablets, it was only a matter of time before someone tore it down and revealed its inner secrets. The question is, what did they find? » 4/03/10 11:25pm 4/03/10 11:25pm

Joojoo Tablet: These Court Docs Show Only 90 Preorders (With 15…

These Paypal documents from the JooJoo/Techcrunch lawsuit show that only 90 preorders for the $500 device, roughly $44k worth, were made. This is what happens when you launch a tablet the same month as Apple, at the same price. » 3/30/10 4:45pm 3/30/10 4:45pm

JooJoo's Refunds Smell Awfully Fishy

After the lawsuits and delays, this reader's experience—asking for a refund—truly puts JooJoo's reputation on the line. It feels written by a Nigerian scammer, rather than customer support. Here's their whole email exchange. You'll be the judge. Updated. » 3/16/10 12:19pm 3/16/10 12:19pm

First Peek at the JooJoo Tablet's Guts

When Jason first played with JooJoo's tablet, he caught a fleeting glimpse of a 1.6GHz Intel Atom in the device's BIOS. Via the FCC, now we know for sure: It's based on the Atom processor, and as predicted, Nvidia's Ion. » 3/11/10 3:56pm 3/11/10 3:56pm

Begun, the Tablet Wars Have: HP's Slate Wants to Undercut the iPad

Even if you hate Apple, you can't deny they set the tone. The WSJ reports that while HP announced their Slate first, they waited for the iPad unveil to make changes, like the price—which they plan to undercut. » 2/17/10 10:59pm 2/17/10 10:59pm

JooJoo Tablet Strikes Back: A Web App Store and Full Production Is…

After the iPad was announced for $499, (a few) people asked, "What about JooJoo?" the first $499 web tablet, formerly known as CrunchPad. Well, it's on. JooJoo's now in full production, and plans to open a web app store. » 2/03/10 7:07pm 2/03/10 7:07pm

Fusion Garage Files to Dismiss TechCrunch Lawsuit as JooJoo Wars…

In the ongoing sadness that is the legal battle between TechCrunch and Fusion Garage over the JooJoo tablet, Fusion Garage has moved to dismiss Michael Arrington's lawsuit entirely. » 2/01/10 11:00am 2/01/10 11:00am

Slate Showdown: iPad vs. HP Slate vs. JooJoo vs. Android Tablets & More…

Everybody's talking about tablets, especially those single-pane capacitive touchscreen ones more specifically known as "slates." The iPad is the biggest newsmaker, but there are lots headed our way (most with built-in webcams). Here's how they measure up, spec-wise: » 1/29/10 9:00am 1/29/10 9:00am

Joojoo Web Tablet Pre-Sales Violate PayPal Rules

After publishing Fusion Garage's response to Arrington's lawsuit, a reader noticed that Fusion Garage is violating PayPal's terms with their Joojoo pre-sales. The Joojoos are supposed to be delivered in 8 to 10 weeks, which is prohibited by PayPal: » 12/18/09 12:46pm 12/18/09 12:46pm

Fusion Garage Responds to Arrington Lawsuit

Fusion Garage—manufacturers of the JooJoo, the web tablet formerly known as the CrunchPad—have responded to Arrington's lawsuit and posts against them. Not surprising, they are saying that his claims are entirely without merit: » 12/17/09 1:46pm 12/17/09 1:46pm

The Crunchpad/JooJoo Lawsuit Has Been Filed: Preorders Are Officially a…

After Fusion Garage left Michael Arrington and his Crunchpad standing at the altar, sad a dejected, only to go to a different wedding with some hussy named JooJoo, one thing seemed obvious: Somone was going to get sued, and soon. And that's exactly what's happened. And with INTERSERVE doing business as TECHCRUNCH and… » 12/11/09 9:59am 12/11/09 9:59am

Why Google Should Make a Tablet

The Joojoo web tablet (AKA crunchpad) is a pretty neat idea! I kind of just wish Google was making it. I mean, if there's any company in the world suited to making one, it's Google. » 12/10/09 7:40am 12/10/09 7:40am