Joost Video Streaming iPhone App Makes Us Dream of Hulu

Joost lost the video war a while ago, thinking a P2P app that imitated TV would be the way people wanted to watch TV and movies on their computer. They were wrong, and only recently rectified the mistake. It's probably too late for them. But their new iPhone app, which streams over 46,000 videos including full movies… »11/29/08 6:30pm11/29/08 6:30pm

Joost Flash Player Launches Tonight, Has Serious Hulu Envy

The poor kids at Joost—and their partners at Viacom—thought the future of TV on the computer »10/13/08 9:00pm10/13/08 9:00pm would be a discrete app that blended a slick TV emulator with internets! power. They were wrong, : It's all about the browser. So that's where . Its Flash-based player officially launches full-throttle tonight. The early word… Beta Enhancements, Like Your TV Shacked Up with Hulu

Sling Media (makers of those nifty Sling boxes) has just notified their beta community that new and improved services are soon to go live for testing. The first major feature is web-based content viewing for subscribers, eliminating the need for separate players. The second major feature, teased way back in … »10/03/08 11:15am10/03/08 11:15am

ZeeVee: One Box to Broadcast PC's HD Video All Over the House

Today, a startup called ZeeVee is launching the ZvBox, a three-part plan for getting all the good HD video content from your PC out to all the TVs in the house:
• The box itself converts the video from the PC's VGA port into a high-def channel and sends it out to your home's coax cable network.
• A PC app acts as a… »5/01/08 7:00am5/01/08 7:00am

Joost, DivX Working Together For DivX Connected Content

The DivX connected platform, which we had a hands-on with back in August, may just get an injection of Joost internet video. DivX founder stated that their two companies were working together to enhance DivX connected—which already lets you stream music, photos and video from your computer—to add a Joost plug-in by… »10/09/07 2:30pm10/09/07 2:30pm

Joost to be Embedded in TVs, Cellphones, Set-top Boxes, Bagel Toasters

Internet TV software Joost doesn't want to lose any position in the infinite video wars. They want to move out of the PC box as soon as possible and that's why they are getting ready to embed their software in TV sets with Internet connections, cellphones, set-top boxes and any other "future device" they could get… »6/19/07 8:22am6/19/07 8:22am