Man's Necessities: Air, Water, and USB Atari 2600 Joysticks

The finicky, rubbery controls of the Atari 2600 were as much part of its charm as the classic arcade ports it's known for. And now, for a mere $15, those bittersweet memories can come to your Windows, Linux or OSX system through this faithful-looking USB recreation of the original Atari 2600 joystick. The peripheral… »11/14/08 2:40pm11/14/08 2:40pm

Zeemote JS1 Nunchuk Gaming Controller Bundles With Sony Ericsson W760

The Zeemote analog joystick controller for Bluetooth phones is now starting to see the light of day, at least for lucky Dutch W760 buyers, who will get it free as a promo package. This isn't the Wii-like motion-control version the company has been promising, and still no word on U.S. pricing or availability, but it… »8/04/08 10:30am8/04/08 10:30am

Neo Geo Arcade Controller For Wii Gives Retro Authenticity

Playing a Neo Geo fighter on the Wii just isn't the same unless you've got one of those four-button gamepads you used to find in the arcades. That's why we must insist that you buy one of these Neo Geo Stick 2 from Play Asia for $59, connect it to your Wii, and beat the crap out of your little brother with Mai. Your… »4/11/08 3:30pm4/11/08 3:30pm

Novint Upgrades the Falcon Controller With Black Version, Pistol Grip Accessory

Novint's Falcon 3D Haptic Joystick has been around for awhile now, but it has just received an upgrade in the form of a black version and an optional pistol grip accessory for FPS gaming. At $19.99, the grip is a little more expensive than the $4 price tag they hinted at last May, but if you are already paying $199… »2/20/08 8:25pm2/20/08 8:25pm